Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the relatively old, yet trending areas in the intersection of computer vision and computer graphics with numerous applications in several areas, from gaming and entertainment, to education and healthcare.


Virtual Home:

When replacing tiles/flooring in the house or apply new wallpaper/color to the walls, Mistakes while selecting tiles or wallpapers would be an expensive one.

Seeing in advance how the room will look with new flooring and colors will give the opportunity to avoid those mistakes. It will give greate user experience for the companies providing those services.

We have developed a deeplearning solution for giving seamless user experience. Complete production pipeline is devided into two parts, inference server and client webapp.


  • Running inference on uploaded image.

Webapp (client):

  • Rendering selected texture for the floor and walls
  • Interaction layer for the user to change the rotation of the texture